Welcome to the homepage of mouth painter Markus Kostka!

On the various sub-pages you will find all current information about my paintings and my activities. Especially recommended are the short films on my Youtube channel, “Animals painted with the mouth”. My artistic abilities as a painter with the mouth are in the focus of my homepage.

As an artist with paralysis of all four limbs, my paintings earn much recognition and admiration. I work as a freelance artist since April 2012 when I got an associated membership of the VDMFK International (Association of mouth and foot painting artists).

My favourite hobby is digital photography, which perfectly complements my watercolour portraits. Therefore, you can also find a large photo gallery on my site. Look at my work unhurriedly. I have set up a guestbook for your constructive criticisms. Maybe I will meet you one time personally on one of my future exhibitions.

Have fun on my website,

Markus Kostka


Schauen Sie sich meine Galerie an, um einen Eindruck von meinen Bildern zu bekommen.

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Auf meinem Youtube Kanal können Sie sich über die Mundmalerei informieren.

exhibitions & current dates

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